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Staff 2022

Principal: Mr Paul Hansen

Assistant Principal Admin: Mrs Darlene Min

Assistant Principal RE: Mrs Diana Newman

Finance: Ms Lee Maxfield/Mrs Jenny Marion-Clark

Administration: Mrs Rose Bridges


Teaching Staff

Leap Frogs Program: Mrs Jenny Marion-Clark

Kindergarten: Mrs Sabrina Roberts

Pre-Primary: Miss Fiona Redden

Year 1: Miss Lauren De Souza

Year 2: Miss Brittany Hopkins

Year 3: Mr Throssell / Mrs Phyl Greaves

Year 4: Mr Ethan Dias

Year 5: Mrs Barbara Stone / Mrs Kristy Maher

Year 6: Miss Renee Guazzelli / Mrs Diana Newman


Physical Education: Mr Brent Johnson

Music: Mrs Diana Newman

Science: Mrs Kristy Maher

Italian: Mrs Penelope O'Brien

Library Officer: Mrs Carrie Archibald

Education Assistants

Mrs Gail Player

Mrs Yvette Hargreaves

Miss Susan Deckert

Mrs Jenny Marion-Clark

Canteen: Mrs Wendy Lazzari

Uniform Shop: Mrs Linda Aldworth

Groundsman: Mr Clayton Rickman

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