This is a $50 non-refundable payment upon Application for Enrolment



The following fees are in addition to the Tuition and Amenities Fees:


Building Levy (Per Family)

The fee is a contribution for the year per family and is shown on the account as a separate item, but is included in the full annual fee amounts.              

Contributions will go towards expenditure on capital improvements and maintenance, as well as installing and maintaining fixtures.  The Catholic Education Office determines this figure.


P & F Levy (Per Family)

The fee is a contribution for the year per family and is shown on the account as a separate item, but is included in the full annual fee amounts.             

Contributions will go towards equipment and improvements that will benefit the students.  It is important that all parents contribute towards projects in the school.


IT Levy (per Student)

Technology costs – including printing, student downloads and license costs

Applicable to all students to assist with IT costs.

Booklist Fee (per Student)

A booklist fee replaces the need for parents to purchase stationery items individually.

Swimming Fee (per Student)

This fee is a contribution to the provision of swimming lessons for Pre-Primary - Year 6.


Insurance Levy                                                                 

Students are covered with Catholic Church Insurances for a standard 24-hour day, 365 days of the year policy while students are involved in school-organised activities. 


The following discounts on Tuition Fees will apply:


20% per year for the second child

40% per year for the third child


Note:  Where four children are enrolled from the same family, NO tuition fee will apply to the fourth child.



Families who are experiencing difficulty with meeting their fee obligations are required to meet with the school Principal to discuss alternate fee arrangements.


The following fee discounts are available to families:


  • CONCESSIONS:   The School Board is sympathetic towards parents with genuine needs who require financial assistance.  Parents seeking a concession should contact the Bursar.  All concessions are re-negotiated on an annual basis.


  • HEALTH CARE CARD (HCC):  In accordance with Catholic Education Commission policy the school provides considerable assistance with fees. A current Health Care Card must be presented to the school for this to apply.  This applies to new HCC holders as well as existing cardholders.  All cards must be presented at the beginning of each new school year and when your HCC has been renewed during the year.


The school provides many alternatives for the payment of fees, which include Direct Debit, Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard only), BPay and cash.   The school does not charge any fees for the use of credit cards.  BPay details are provided on Annual Statements.



The payment of school fees forms part of the Offer and Acceptance contract signed by parents when a student is enrolled at Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School. 

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