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SEQTA Engage


Instructions for accessing your child’s Semester report via SEQTA ENGAGE

Step 1:

Check your messages at the email address you’ve registered with the school and Locate the message titled “Welcome to SEQTA Engage!”

You may need to check it hasn’t been sent to the Junk mailbox.


'This message contains the invitation to create an account in SEQTA Engage.  This invitation expires after 1 week of being sent.  If it has expired, please contact to ask for a new invitation which will be sent to you via email.'


Step 2:

Follow the email instructions to create an account with your own username and password.


SPECIAL NOTE: Some phones have issues displaying the account setup page and will appear blank.  Please use a computer for the account setup process.

Manual Set up on a Computer:

  1. Click on

  2. Type in Username (If you have forgotten your username please contact the school office)

  3. Type in Password

  4. If you have previously changed your password and have forgotten it, please use the “Forgot your password?” link. You will be required to enter your Parent ID and the email that you registered with the school. NB: the email must be the one officially registered with the school.

   5.Once you have successfully logged into the SEQTA Engage Program, you will be able to click on “Reports” in the left              hand corner of the screen.





How to download the SEQTA App on your phone:

Before you download the app, you must have created your account via the Welcome to SEQTA Engage email  from step 1 and 2.


Go to the App Store or Google Play Store on your phone and search for “SEQTA Engage”. Install the App to your phone.






You will be prompted to enter the school’s SEQTA Engage URL:


Follow the prompts to enter your username and password.  Once you have entered the app, you will find the Reports tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

Note: For those parents who have a Seqta account for another school, open your app and locate your name.  At the bottom left of the menu there is a + sign.  This takes you to the sign-in page as per the instructions above.  An option to switch between schools appears in the top Title bar. 

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