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As an integral part of the Kelmscott Parish, Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School aspires to be a Catholic faith community which guides its students to develop to their fullest potential.

Together  with  parents,  who are their children’s prime educators, our school aims to encourage children in their acquisition  of the highest possible degree of self esteem and respect for others as modelled by Christ in the Gospels. Qualities such as compassion, love, honesty, sincerity, and others equally desirable will develop only if respect for self and fellow human beings is firmly established.

The development of this mutual respect will enable our children to come to value deeply their environment, other people and their cultures and to appreciate fully the wonder of God’s creations.

It is by focusing on Christ’s way of life that Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School hopes to help build children whose hearts will be open and  whose goals will be high; who will master themselves before they seek to lead others; and who will reach into the future yet never forget the past.

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