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Guide me Good Shepherd, Guide me I pray,

Teach me Good Shepherd, lead me in faith.

Walk by my side, help me to grow,

Show me your path, your ways I will know.


Teach me Good Shepherd in your ways that are true.

To love  and forgive, to live just like you.

Teach me Good Shepherd, to be gentle and kind,

To live in your love, all the days of my life.


Love me Good Shepherd, safe in your arms.

In the Spirit of love, One in God’s heart,

Love me Good Shepherd and may I love you,

In all that I say, in all that I do.


Lead me Good Shepherd, stay by my side.

I walk in your footsteps, you are my guide.

Lead me Good Shepherd, lead me each day,

To live in your light, to follow your way.

Words and Music by Andrew Chinn

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